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About Subprime Mortgage Debacle

Subprime Mortgage Debacle, Inc. specializes in home loans, lowest fixed rates, jumbo home loans and mortgages. It is our mission to provide quality article related to the subprime mortgage crisis.  What started as the subprime mortgage crisis evolved into a foreclosure crisis that evolved into a national housing crisis. 

Millions of homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure and millions of homeowners have lost their home equity.  Many homeowners, who are stuck with adjustable rates, are unable to refinance because their mortgage balances are significantly higher than the value of their home.  In a domino fashion, hundrerds of banks and mortgage lenders have gone out of business leaving the mortgage industry a disaster.

We know that there are many injustices and many distressed homeowners who need mortgage relief quickly.  We hope that our reports and articles tracking the foreclosure crisis and subprime mortgage debacle will help shine a light on the financial problems that this great country needs to rectify sooner rather than later.

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